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I have five children who were born in 1987, 1990, 1999, 2004 and 2006. Bringing up each of them has brought its own challenges and each brought an entirely different experience.

For my first birth all control was taken out of my hands and I felt bullied into an epidural, which I felt delayed the birth. I was made to feel too scared to pick my baby up for the following hours after the birth, so with my second baby I decided to remain in control and had a much better and completely drug free birth, even though he was back on back. For my last three births my body had it down to a fine art they were all two hours 38 minutes with the eight minutes being the second stage and all drug free. The last two have been born at home and with my last I also had a physiological third stage.

One of my sons is disabled, so I have spent most of my years looking after him, but he is now attending college and with a supportive family I have been able to pursue my ambitions.

My third child, as a baby, cried day and night but with the experience of having previous children I knew this would not last forever and so still did manage to enjoy his early days very much. The youngest two are a delight and they have reached the ages where they have become very independent and last but by no means least I’m proud to say my eldest is a primary teacher and planning her wedding.

I have had the pleasure and experience of being both a young mum and an older mum, I love being a mother and I still feel it is my biggest achievement. I have dedicated my life to my children and the rewards continue to be amazing.

I have a very supportive husband, family and friends who have encouraged me to find my way and new babies are where my heart is!


My philosophy is caring, nurturing and embracing the experience that a new life brings.

I aim to encourage and empower parents-to-be to have the birth they desire. To give parents-to-be the information they need to be able to make and be confident with their own choices. I support the mother in getting to know her baby and help her find her way as a new mother. I believe the early weeks with your newborn child are very precious and I believe they should be cherished. I tend to encourage listening to and acting on your feelings. Mums usually know best.

Your baby has spent the best part of nine months growing inside you, being protected in your womb, hearing only your heartbeat, body sounds and muffled sounds from the outside. Suddenly they are in this big wide world with all this space, new sounds, smells, and tastes, sensations that are new to them. Everything is a new experience and can sometimes be a little overwhelming for them so don’t be afraid to cuddle, comfort and most of all enjoy your baby.

I hope I can give you support and encouragement as well as information to help you enjoy being a parent!


  • Early Years First Aid Course.
  • Birth Doula and Post Natal Doula course with Nurturing Birth in 2006
  • CRB Enhanced Disclosure.
  • Public Liability Insured.
  • Nurturing Birth Advanced Breastfeeding workshop
  • Nurturing Birth Advanced Birth workshop
  • Sheila Kitzinger Birth Crisis Workshop
  • Water Birth Study Day with Dianne Garland
  • Jack Newman Breastfeeding Study day

I have breast fed each of my children, with the longest being fed to nine months and the shortest stopping at eight weeks. With each child it was different, which I believe has given me extensive experience in this area. At different times I suffered with Mastitis and Breast Thrush and as a result I am aware of the causes and treatments for these conditions.

I also have personal experience of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, carpel tunnel and postnatal depression.


I have supported parents in all manner of birthing situations – natural births, cesarean section, breach and vaginal birth after cesarean – in a number of different hospitals in a number of different scenarios: with or without pain relief, planned and unplanned home birth, water birth, twins, premature babies … the list grows.

I have supported over 200 families either as their birth doula, postnatal doula or both. During the day and night, which I find extremely rewarding.
I have vast experience and have thoroughly enjoyed supporting families with twins which has continued beyond the first few weeks, as they may have needed an extra pair of hands attending swimming lessons, appointments or babysitting.

I have worked at the following Hospitals:

  • The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London
  • Epsom General Hospital in Epsom, Surrey
  • West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, Middlesex
  • Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, Middlesex
  • Kingston Hospital in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
  • St.Peters Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey
  • The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, Surrey


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